A Guide To Gluten Free Products And Benefits

Living a Gluten Free Lifestyle has never been easier- avoid the pains and cramps completely. Improve your health and lifestyle with minimal effort.

Are We Being Deceived?

Quite simply, eating habits and diets have changed dramatically over recent decades. Some of it has come about from our own personal choices. We are all free to chose what we eat and where we buy it. Unfortunately, much of our choice has been taken from us, or at the very least,  hidden in deceptive marketing by large companies for commercial gain.

Truth About What We Really Eat!

There are so many additives put into food that were not present years ago. The majority of these do nothing to enhance nutritional benefits. They are merely included for commercial purposes to increase profits for business. Even many of our crops are genetically modified to speed up growth and control appearance.

Gluten is added to thousands of products- some you may know and others you would never suspect.  For some this is not an issue, but unfortunately, for many others it is a huge problem. This is why thousands are seeking a more gluten free lifestyle.

Gluten Free Living Is Cool…

It’s almost cool to live a Gluten Free Lifestyle these days and there are many tasty choices for people whose bodies do not tolerate wheat and gluten.

Luckily, there is now so much coverage on the topic. Newspapers, television and online media are reporting on this daily. Major supermarkets are stocking their shelves with healthy gluten free products. Restaurants are introducing also including gluten free alternatives  in their menus.

Even major food producers are sitting up and taking notice of changing eating requirements. Many gluten free cookbooks are becoming available for those that cook at home with fantastic  books accessible instantly online.

It Wasn’t Always Like This!

There was a time when this condition was not diagnosed correctly or even at all. Millions of people would needlessly suffer from gluten cramps, constant tiredness  and not to mention the ever present  fear of having to suddenly rush to the bathroom. This situation can be avoided or at the very least minimised and it all begins from trying to understand where the problem stems from.

I personally suffer several food in-tolerances, especially gluten- my two young children do as well. It was a challenging situation. My goal was to find healthy and nutrient packed alternatives. As a result I did lots of research. Now I have discovered better ways for us all to cope.

But First , What Is Gluten?

To some it’s quite obvious, but to me I wasn’t really sure. What is gluten and why would you choose gluten free alternatives ?
In simple terms, Gluten is a protein found in wheat, oats, rye and barley. It is a natural source of protein in foods that contain these grains and is often added to foods that are otherwise lacking or are low in protein. For some people this is not an issue and they can continue eating products that contain these grains or buy products that contain their protein, however there are many people that are not able to tolerate gluten. This is where just making a few changes can have a big positive impact.

Symptoms And Intolerance…

People that suffer from Celiac disease are most sensitive to the gluten. However, you can also suffer symptoms of gluten intolerance even if you are not a Celiac. That’s why the issue is so widespread. Here are some basic symptoms of possible gluten intolerance

– Feeling Tired & Drained, – Digestive Issues, – Bloating, – Keratosis Pilaris, – Fatigue, – Dizziness
– Stomach Cramps, – Hormone Imbalance, – Migraine & Headaches, – Iron & Folic Deficiency
– Diarrhoea, – Weight Loss, – Inflammation- Joints, knees, fingers, hips, – Fibromyalgia, Mood Swings, and the list goes on…

Global Issue, You Are Not Alone!

Gluten intolerance is a global issue and there are countless numbers of people seeking relief.

It is estimated by the scientific research community that more than 1% of the general population are gluten intolerant.

Practically every research paper on the subject concludes that the figures are rising and each generation is becoming more intolerant to gluten as they age. This means that people who can eat gluten today are at risk of becoming intolerant as they get older due to the way our bodies work.
Once you have established that your body is adversely affected by consuming food containing gluten, a gluten free lifestyle  is usually most beneficial way to move forward.  Even small amounts can cause repeated damage so it is important to eliminate the risk.

A few simple changes can be effective very quickly!

Felicity’s Gluten Free Handbook

Now that we have touched on some brief  facts you may probably be wondering what are the specific types of gluten free food and drinks available and where is the best place to get them?
The internet is the richest source of gluten free products from around the world. Lead a gluten free lifestyle very easily. There are literally tens of thousands of products available to order instantly with the simple click of a mouse. In addition you can find lots of other useful  information, from guides and handbooks to recipe books. With all this information available I found it difficult to find one resource that could bring all this together. Most of us lead very busy lives and I am no exception. I found it very time consuming to be on the internet trying to find gluten free recipes and products to suit a gluten free diet. After many tedious hours of searching,   I eventually  found a complete all in one solution. One of the most comprehensive and well written gluten free guides is Felicity’s Gluten Free Handbook and Recipes.

The great news is that the  potential for improvement of someone’s life after reading Felicity’s  handbook is already proven. She has  tested the book with many people who are new to gluten intolerance and those who have been aware of it for many years.  All of them  have similar reviews of the information and state that it has improved their level of knowledge and quality of life.

Felicity  takes you by the hand, and shows you step by step, how to lead a gluten free lifestyle. Her methods are simple and effective so that you or your family members can begin to feel  better right away.

One of the Most Popular Gluten Free Lifestyle Guides

Felicity  knows how it feels to have gluten allergies and has written this guide from first hand experience, so you can trust the  information is factual and relevant. The book offers  practical solutions to a condition that can become very frustrating at times. Sharing knowledge from such a well informed source is valuable. There are millions of  people around the world  that suffer gluten intolerance and the majority of those suffer in silence. Imagine if they knew that there were easy ways to stop the suffering.

Aside from the usefulness and practicality of the guide, it can be accessed instantly online. No need to wait for it to arrive by mail, you can actually start the download  immediately. It may well be your first step to completely avoid those gluten pains the easy way.

It is very encouraging to hear so many good stories of how people have improved their lifestyle by following a more gluten free diet. The majority often notice a huge change in a matter of days. Can you imagine how liberated you would feel, especially if you have suffered long term.
For a limited time only,  Felicity  is offering a  free trial of her book. In addition, there is a full 60 day 100% money back Guarantee if you decide to buy. You definitely have nothing to lose and everything to gain with her powerful knowledge and insights on how to lead a more Gluten Free Lifestyle.